Reduce your risk of cloud idle
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The clock is ticking. Every hour your technology stands idle wastes £100,000s from your Digital Budget

Boost the use of your technologies. Begin with our Serverless Adoption Framework, delivered through our AWS-certified team.

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Identify and resolve idle usage across your cloud environment to stop wasted investment across your technologies

    Boost return on investment from       your existing cloud architecture -      do so much more with so much        more less expensive resource


Dramatically improve your sustainability impact by reducing carbon output across your workloads 



Don't waste your cloud resources

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What is serverless?

Serverless technologies run applications only when they're required, there's no idle resource and wasted costs in your cloud environment.   

  • Reduce costs by running applications during times of peak demand without over-provisioning resources

  • Manage your data lifescycle more effciently

  • Automatic scaling, Day Zero security, built-in availability, plus only pay for what you use to boost your agility and return on investment


Who is Exception?

AWS Lambda + Public Sector Building on Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Rekor Systems

Exception has a proven track record in enabling organisations to achieve real transformation through serverless technologies. Our credentials include: 

  • Successful delivery across public sector departments and mid-scale financial service businesses 

  • AWS Partners with Public Sector, Lambda and Serverless Accreditations 

  • Award-winners - Top 50 Services firm globally and Top 40 Most Innovative Cloud Computing (Scotland)   

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