AI: Prototype
to Production

AI promises unprecedented opportunities for improved operational efficiencies, reliability and service delivery.

But a paradoxical reality hides beyond the hype: it’s far from straightforward to implement in an established, governance-led, enterprise IT environment. 

Separating AI myth from reality

Integrating AI into your Digital Roadmap is not just about jumping on the bandwagon, it's now an organisational imperative. Failure to be part of AI transformation can result in competitive disadvantage, reduced operational efficiency and missed opportunities for innovation.

So, where do you start?   

Here, you'll discover valuable insights from our team of AI, cloud and data specialists on how to realise your AI vision, supported by our White Paper, which reveals the technical challenges of implementing AI in an enterprise technology environment. Our team uncovers how to harness the power of AI, while navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.

If you're wondering how AI is strategically vital to drive innovation and sustainable growth, or if you're currently contending with the importance of data and building cross-functional AI teams, then Exception is dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey with valuable experience, advice, and expert delivery. 

The role of the CIO

In many ways, AI continues to be a novel technology with ground-breaking features and use cases that are continuously being developed. 

CIOs must consider how their IT function becomes a digital business enabler, not just a technology provider. This means that CIOs have the exciting opportunity to both lead from the front line, as well as becoming a key collaborator in shaping AI in their organisations. 

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Reaching new heights with AI code automation?

Tired of repetitive coding tasks? AI can automate them, boost your productivity, and write cleaner code. But for CIOs, one question remains:  can it replace your Software Developers?


The power of AI to fight the dark arts of cloud security threats

AI is a formidable ally to elevate cloud security amidst the ever-growing sophistication of threats. Discover key AI tools to help combat cyber and other security risks.

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Is your own AI revolution hiding in plain sight?

Amidst the hype surrounding AI's limitless potential, organisations must focus on tangible, real-life applications and assess their AI readiness effectively. From the challenges and opportunities of AI adoption, to practical guidance for CIOs to navigate the complexities of AI, a solid implementation helps unlock transformative potential.

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Charting the Course: Navigating the ethical implementation of AI

From ethics review boards, to implementing risk assessments and diverse and transparent communications, this short guide from a seasoned Senior Project Manager offers actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of ethical AI adoption.

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Dive into the Future: Unveiling the transformative power of Generative AI

Beyond cozy bedtime stories, discover how Generative AI is reshaping enterprises, empowering employees, and navigating businesses AI puzzles of tomorrow.

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The smarter the AI, the smarter the cloud sustainability

Every cloud has a green lining. Discover how AI has the potential to accelerate cloud and climate sustainability, making Cloud Operating Models considerably cleaner, greener and energy-efficient.  

Exception White Paper - The AI Dilemma

Enabling AI innovation in established, governance-led, enterprise IT environments

In this White Paper, we discuss some of the complexities of deploying AI into enterprise estates, delving into the technical, organisational, and ethical intricacies that often elude Digital Leaders.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself how you limit uncontrolled AI experimentation. Or maybe you’re wondering how blended teams should flex to an AI implementation project. This paper provides valuable insights and strategic guidance to leaders as they harness the power of AI while navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.